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Process Networks offer a range of Products from a network of suppliers.

We deliver technical product and solutions to your industry offering savings in engineering time and project budgets. Process Networks offer Innovative Technology and Engineering to Water and Process Industries in the following product areas.

Full bore Flow 

  • Clamp-on Ultrasonic 

We offer a range of full-bore clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters which provide highly accurate measurement of liquids and gases. This minimizes installation time and maintenance expenses. They are available as configurable systems as well as check metering kits.

  • Coriolis Mass Flow

Our range of full-bore Coriolis mass flowmeters are suitable for measuring liquids and gases. The Coriolis measuring principle is used in a wide range of different branches of industry, such as Food, chemicals, petrochemicals, oil and gas. Coriolis flowmeters can measure virtually all fluids: cleaning agents, solvents, fuels, crude oil, vegetable oils, animal fats, silicon oils, alcohol, fruit juices, toothpaste, ketchup, mayonnaise, gases or liquid gases.  The measurement is independent of changes in process conditions and due to this versatility the meter is easy to install and also recognized for its accuracy. We can spec the unit required to the individual application

  • Magnetic 

Electromagnetic flowmeters are suitable for measuring the flow of almost all electrically conducting liquids, pastes and slurries. Magmeters are used in virtually all Industries and a well established method of measurement. Talk to us today about your application.

  • Turbine ( Liquid and Gas )

    Turbine flow meters display the volume flowing through the device in actual cubic meters. The incoming gas is accelerated through the inlet body and hits the blades of the turbine wheel. The revolutions of the wheel are transferred to a digit roller counter via a multistage gear and a magnetic coupling. This similar method is used for water flow in many applications and is a low cost method of registering flow in a Water Network. We have years of experience offering various Turbine meters to customers.

  • Wetted Ultrasonic

Wetted ultrasonic flowmeters are suitable for measuring all liquids, conductive and non-conductive, clean and with particulate. We can offer units Flanged suitable for a wide range of applications including District heating, Cooling and energy management applications.

  • Air Flow technology
  • Thermal Mass Flowmeters

For direct mass measurement of industrial gases, compressed air and aqueous fluids even at the lowest flow velocities and pressures.

  • Differential Pressure

Differential pressure measurement for level, volume or mass measurement in liquids. These are available in a range of process connections for accurate measurement.

  • Partial Flow
  • Flumes and Weirs 

Site inflow and outflow environmental measurements are crucial and having a proven flume or weir specified correctly ensures accuracy. We can help choose the appropriate primary measurement device for your application and provide the Instrument that best suits.

  • Ultrasonic 

We can offer overhead ultrasonic open channel flow meters which include MCERTS approval. These are suitable for continuous influent and effluent flow measurement in open channels. Flow monitoring is key throughout Utility Networks and we can offer solutions to suit most requirements.

  • AVFM and Cross Corrilation 

Area Velocity Measurement is used where partial flow is required in a pipeline or Cross sectional Area such as channels, part-filled and full pipes up to 5m width or diameter. Talk to us today about your requirement.

  • Ultrasonic

We can assist you with extensive product knowledge and expertise with a range of Ultrasonic level instruments. Level of solids and Liquids is possible using our range of Ultrasonic Level Instruments.

  • Radar

Radar non-contact is used for various Liquid and solid applications. We can also offer Hygenic Radar and guided wave radar for the food industry.

  • Sludge Blanket 

Sludge blanket detection is used for the detection of the interface point between the high solids region and the low solids region in a settlement tank or other tank such as clarifiers.

  • Capacitance Level 

We can offer variants suitable for measuring the level and distance of both Liquids and solids. These can measure both conductive and non-conductive media.

  • Gauge and Absolute Pressure 

We can offer a range of continuous gauge and absolute pressure transmitters with many different connections and housings. We can help you choose the right pressure transmitter for any application.

Our temperature transmitters are suitable for a wide range of industries and applications. ATEX approved units are available for hazardous areas. We can offer a range of displays to suit these transmitters with various outputs.

  • Chlorine 

We offer a range of Chlorine systems suitable for on-line monitoring and control of chlorination processes. These are suitable for dosing applications, Network Monitoring or Industrial washing systems.

  • Colour

If you are looking to optimize your drinking water treatment and make sure that only safe water reaches the consumer then we can offer Colour measurement Instruments to provide accurate results. Optical colour measurement detects contaminations such as suspended solids, dissolved organic carbon, humic substances, bacteria etc. The colour number in Hazen is often used as an indicator of the degree of contamination. As a result of this continuous absorption measurement, water quality can be monitored precisely and, depending on the contamination, the water is fed to further treatment or discarded.

  • Turbidity 

Turbidity values are important for the assessment of water quality and as an indicator of the effectiveness of the water treatment. By continuously measuring the turbidity of water, resources for water treatment can be better targeted. This will minimize your maintenance efforts and reduce the cost of treatment substances.

Process Networks turbidity meters and turbidity sensors guarantee a reliable turbidity value and thus proper control of water quality.

  • PH

Process Networks offer a line of process pH sensors offering stability and low total cost of ownership. These differential pH sensors can be installed in a wide variety of configurations to fit the most difficult processes. Talk to us today about your application.

  • Suspended Solids 

We offer Optical sensors for in-situ use during measurement of suspended solids via scattered light. These sensors can operate in some very harsh environments and are suitable for Wastewater conditions.

  • TOC

Chemical-free measurement of the organic load and suspended solids concentration is an important part of the treatment process. Optimal for the measurement of TOC and DOC in the inlet/effluent of municipal wastewater treatment plants. We offer a number of options in the area of TOC measurement.

  • Multiparameter

Multiparameter instruments can offer savings to some organisations against buying many individual instruments. We offer a number of options for environmental multiparameter measurement.

We offer procurement services for Instruments, Valves ( Actuated and Control ) and various process components.

We can offer Technologies and solutions for your process. Including OSEC systems, Gas Chlorination and Process Control systems. We are familiar with Food, Dairy, Brewing and Chemical applications and the technology that is required. Talk to us today about you enquiry or to arrange a site visit.