Aranet Home app

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Aranet Home app


Access measurement history and customize your Aranet devices from smartphones via Bluetooth.

Easy data management

Are there specific times when indoor conditions become problematic? Are there any particularly troublesome areas in your home, office, etc.? Access measurement history and analyze your data in graphic visualizations to see patterns and make smarter decisions about environmental needs.


Pair your Aranet4 and Aranet2 monitors and view measurement data from nearby Aranet devices in real-time or later. Access and supervise data conveniently – without having to physically check device displays.


Aranet devices monitor and track a variety of environmental conditions. The measurements displayed on the face can be adjusted to intervals of 1, 2, 5, or 10 minutes, depending on how often you’d like to view this information.


Depending on which devices are paired, the Aranet Home app can oversee and track environmental parameters like CO2, relative humidity, temperature, and atmospheric pressure.


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