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The ideal solution for monitoring temperature and humidity levels in indoor environments.

Maintain comfortable temperatures

Do you ever feel like it’s too hot or cold to get your work done? Research shows that we are most productive when the temperature is between 20.5 – 25 °C / 69 – 77 °F.

Monitor humidity

Moisture in the air impacts people, pets, furniture, electronics, and more. Identifying these concentrations of water helps ensure healthier and longer lasting conditions.

Industry optimization

Streamline environments for people, products, and short-to-long-term storage. This includes everything from preserving acceptable conditions in laboratories and research facilities to safeguarding the wellbeing of humans in schools, museums, and libraries.

High accuracy

Quality, lab-graded sensors within the Aranet2 ensure excellent accuracy of measurements.

E-Ink display

With a low power consumption E-Ink display, you see measurements immediately, becoming aware if adjustments are necessary.

Aranet Home app

Connect your Aranet device to the app to view, track, and analyze up to 90 days of collected data.


This device will function perfectly for up to 5 years with the same batteries taking measurements every 5 minutes.


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