EL300 Multi-Channel Water Controller

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EL300 Multi-Channel Water Controller


The EL300 is a universal water controller based on a modular concept.
The EL300 can adapt to many different probes and configurations, mono or multi-channel. It allows the connection of one or several probes for each parameter among pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, chlorine, total suspended solid (TSS), total dissolved solid (TDS), temperature and turbidity in the limit of 16 channels. A very user-friendly interface can display all the values as well as graphs of the recorded values with periods from 10 minutes to one month. A USB port allows to transfer the recorded measurements that may be imported to Excel for treatments or graphs. A new web-based interface allows the control and the troubleshooting at distance using an internet browser on a computer, tablet or i-phone.

Quenching Fluorescence based Oxygen Probe

  • The dissolved oxygen probe is based on the fluorescence method for a lower maintenance and higher stability.
  • At the opposite of galvanic and polarographic probes, the fluorescence based probes requires no electrolyte refill, no membrane change and no routine calibration. No flow is needed because there is no oxygen consumption.
  • They also perform very well in harsh environments that normally destroy other conventional sensors.


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