Microwave Barrier LevelCheck 510M

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Microwave Barrier LevelCheck 510M


The LevelCheck 510M microwave barrier is used to monitor limit levels of solids in silos, containers, storage tanks, pipe systems, etc. Additional applications include: blockage reports, counting piece goods, or positioning objects. Optional the system can be used within a process pressure up to 25 bar.
The measurement process of the LevelCheck 510M is based on the newest microwave technology, whereby the transmitter sends out a microwave signal which is analysed by the opposite receiver. Material which builds up within this field attenuates its signal effect, and this is then converted into a switching procedure. The measurement is contactless.
The sensitivity, signal attenuation and signal hysteresis of the microwave barrier can easily be set continuously and precisely using the bar graph display. This allows for a variable determination of the switching point or a switching process for different process parameters.


  • The newest microwave technology
  • Transmitter and receiver with active self-monitoring
  • Probe identification via addressing
  • Adjustable, sensitivity, hysteresis, filter time
  • Measurement possible through plastic, glass and all non-conductive materials
  • Compact design guarantees easy installation
  • Level and status display via LEDs and LED bar graph display
  • Optionally up to a process pressure of 25 bar
  • For limit level detection (in silos, containers, pipes), positioning objects or counting functions


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