UV300-5D Online Analyser for Drinking Water

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UV300-5D Online Analyser for Drinking Water


The UV300-5D is a pre-defined configuration of the UV300 analyser dedicated to drinking water monitoring.
It offers the possibility to monitor simultaneously FIVE parameters :
(1) Total residual chlorine    (2) Turbidity    (3) pH    (4) Conductivity    (5) Temperature
All this is done by a single unit that allows high performance measurements at a cost effective price. An automatic cleaning system maintains clean the flow cell and also make an auto-zero that guaranties the absence of long term drift

Colorimetric DPD Method : A Reliable Method for Total Residual Chlorine

Multi-Wavelenght colorimetric
method principle
  • The US-EPA 330.5 (or standard methods 4500-Cl-G) DPD method is internationally recognized for its good accuracy and stability, while specific electrodes for chlorine may drift or show a sensitivity to the sample flow.
  • Other oxidising agents are also taken in account by the DPD method, that makes it the best choice method.
  • The colorimetric module has been specially developed to reach a very small volume flow cell (7ml) that reduces the quantity of reagent to preserve the environment and reduce the operating cost.
  • A multi-wavelength LED source assumes a colour and turbidity compensation with an unlimited life time. Large bore tubing avoid clogging as accumulated sediments might be a problem even on drinking water for long term operation.

Turbidity by laser diode principle

Turbidity by Laser Diode (Nephelometric)

The turbidity module is based on a high stability laser diode to reach low level of detection as required for drinking water. The automatic cleaning system allows to perform an auto-zero once per day to guaranty the absence of drift on long term. It avoid also the accumulation of sediments that may perturb the measurement. The laser diode could be either a red visible model to ease the maintenance and troubleshooting, or a infra-red model to follow the ISO 7027 nephelometric method at 860 nm.

Patented clogging-free flow cell

Patented Flow cell

  • The patented flow cell allows very high level of suspended solid without clogging for all the optical measurements making it suitable for industrial and municipal waste water application. The turbidity is automatically compensated by a dual-wavelength method.
  • Suitable for sample with high chloride content
  • Wetted parts of flow cell make it suitable for most corrosive sample


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