UV300 Online Water analyzer

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UV300 Online Water analyzer


The UV300 is a cost effective water analyser for applications focused on one or two parameters.
Mainly based on UV spectroscopy, well known for its stability and low operating cost, the UV300 can measure parameters like organic matter, nitrate, colour, aromatics hydrocarbons (PAH).A complementary module allows the measurement of PO4, Cl2, NO2, Fe, Al by colorimetric method and turbidity by laser diode. External probes can be added for physicochemical parameters like pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen and conductivity. Thanks to its automatic cleaning system and its extremely long life time lamp, the maintenance is roughly limited to the periodic refill of the inexpensive cleaning solution. A new web-based interface allows the control and the troubleshooting from internet on laptop, tablet or i-phone.

Main Method : UV-visible Spectroscopy

  • The most common measurements (UV254, NO3, Colour, PAH) are based on the UV-VIS spectroscopy that brings fast and stable measurements with a simple hydraulic circuit for a high reliability.
  • All theses measurements are done within 5 seconds. The turbidity of the sample is automatically compensated by a dual-wavelength method as shown on the figure.
  • The UV source is a xenon flash lamp specified for 109 flashes that corresponds to more than 10 years of life time with one measurement every minute.
  • For PO4, Cl2, NO2, Al, Fe, SiO2, a colorimetric module has been specially developed to reach a very small volume flow cell that reduces the quantity of reagent to preserve the environment and to reduce the operating cost. A multi-wavelength LED source assumes a colour and turbidity compensation with an unlimited life time.
  • The patented flow cell allows very high level of suspended solid without clogging for all the optical measurements.
  • Physico-chemical measurements like pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, conductivity can be added to the internal measurements by using external probes. The dissolved oxygen probe is based on fluorescence method for a lower maintenance and higher stability. Turbidity can also be measured by external probes.
  • Three external turbidity probes (high, medium and low range) are also available if the measurement need to be done in situ, for example before filtering.


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