UV-VIS200 Full Spectrum Probe

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UV-VIS200 Full Spectrum Probe


UV-VIS200 Full spectrum probe
Tethys full spectrum UV-Vis probe provides a simple way to measure a number of parameters among TSS, NO3, COD, BOD, TOC, UV254 and colour for surface water or industrial/municipal waste water.
The full UV-Vis absorbance spectrum can also be transmitted for spectral analysis or recording.
It is based on a proven light source technology offering a long lifetime (> 10 years).
The probe must be calibrated for each application to gives a COD or BOD or TOC equivalent measurement, at condition that the sample composition stays relatively constant.
An automatic cleaning by compressed air enable a maintenance free operation over long period.
Its associated controller EL200 can control other probes like pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity and Cl2 to provide a complete monitoring solution.

Full spectrum UV-Vis measurement

The probe calculates the full UV-Vis absorbance spectrum of the water sample. Different algorithms are available to extract the concentration of the different compounds absorbing in the UV or visible range.

User-Friendly Interface & Communication

The colour touch screen and intuitive interface available in 8 different languages makes very easy to test or configure the probe.
A USB port enable to download on any USB key the last 24hours recorded measurements as well as a diagnostic file containing the configuration and useful information for remote troubleshooting. The software of the controller can be upgraded by connecting a USB key.
The RS232 port and the RS485 port support the MODBUS protocol to transmit each measuring channel value to a SCADA system. Additional parameters are available like status code, error code, calibration values. The full UV-Vis absorbance spectrum can also be read under the Modbus protocol as a table of 512 float values with starting wavelength and pitch.

Automatic cleaning

The EL200 delivers a free potential contact to drive a solenoid valve on compressed air to clean the probe. It can drive alternately an air compressor if no air network is available on site. The period and cleaning time are adjustable to adapt to different applications.


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